The Best Cookies Ever?04.20.18

These “brown butter brown sugar shorties” we discovered on Smitten Kitchen are pretty fucked up. You’d be smart to pay someone a livable wage in order to guard your stash if you had that kind of scratch. We don’t. We ate ’em all. It was a rough night and they made everything better.

They might be the perfect cookie, and they don’t even have chocolate. They’re THAT good.

You know, getting up there we are. Can’t be eating cookies all the time. It’s not good for you. Cookies will mess you up if you’re reckless. It’s like everything, in moderation! That’s the ticket.

Enjoy these super delicious cookies at your own risk. Or be reckless. Let yourself have all the cookies at least once. Then wake up, and get your heartbeat up in your neck, because there is more to life than cookies.

Recipe here.