Erotic Reruns Out Today06.07.19

Yeasayer‘s fifth album Erotic Reruns released today on their very own label, Yeasayer Records.

“In a lilt with an electronic pulse — glancing back at the Cars — Yeasayer pinpoints where the promise of convenience meets the threat of constant surveillance.”

—NY Times

“a half hour bop for the American experiment’s gradual decay.”


“Testament to its addictive charm, Erotic Reruns leaves the listener yearning for an extension”

—The Line Of Best Fit

“Yeasayer have found their frisky side”

—The Times

“’Fluttering In The Floodlights’ is the most slept-on jam of 2019 so far”


“’Ecstatic Baby’ is quite possibly one of the bubbliest tracks in the Brooklyn trio’s 12-year history.”

—Buzzbands LA