The Teeth! Finally on wax!10.02.19


In October of 2004 (yes, 15 years ago!), we were gearing up to release our first Dr. Dog record on Park the Van. Our label still had its training wheels on and we knew we had to sign some new bands. We turned to Andrew Jones and Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog and asked them what they were listening to. It was then that these two trusty dudes turned us on to The Teeth.

Fronted by twin brothers and dual songwriters Aaron (vox/guitar/keys) and Peter MoDavis (vox/bass), with a gunslinging mustachioed guitarist Brian Ashby, and the humble metronome of Jonas Oesterle on drums. This band was fierce! For years we saw them as much as we possibly could. We witnessed blood, sweat, and tears. From shows at The Khyber in Philly where you couldn’t move an inch to epic late-night dance parties in New Orleans, or New York, or Los Angeles, or Austin. Damn. This band was orbiting a universe that was everything at once. Equal parts The Kinks, Big Star, The Minutemen. We witnessed REAL magic.

It wasn’t sustainable. Like all the great bands that end before their time, The Teeth called in quits and broke our hearts. We tried our best to convince them that it wasn’t worth it. But it’s quite possible there just wasn’t enough room in the universe for all that energy. Then before we knew it, it was quiet. The Teeth were gone, and they took a little bit of PTV with them.

Now, 15 years later. Park The Van is beyond proud to release a collection of Teeth songs on vinyl for the very first time. This collection is a two vinyl set featuring their PTV debut EP Carry the Wood with a few extra bonus tracks on the B-Side, and their now-classic LP You’re My Lover Now. Nothing makes us happier to bring this band’s music to a new generation, and selfishly, to own these songs and listen to them in our homes on vinyl for the first time ever. I still listen to The Teeth!

You can order this title directly from us here, or you can order a limited edition bundle with a few killer bonus goodies.