Tino Drima’s Suitin’ Up10.11.19

Today marks the release date for Tino Drima’s Suitin’ Up by the San Francisco quintet, lead by larger than life Gregory DiMartino. It’s an exhibit of the highs and lows of just being here. It’s vulnerable, inspiring, and a powerful sneak peak of where this band is headed. We can’t wait for you to blast these tunes, see them live, and join the team.

It’s a timeless piece of ear candy, and a prime example of what Tino Drima does best — sounding like they draw inspiration from sources as diverse as the 1950s rock and roll of Buddy Holly, the Strokes-esque indie rock of the early 2000s, early ’70s funk and soul.

The Bay Bridged on the track “Do The Damn Thing”