Banded Against Racism06.05.20

We put together a 20 song compilation of entirely unreleased music from some of our favorite artists. It’s called Banded Against Racism. It’s only available on @bandcamp and 100% of the proceeds will be given to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (@naacp_ldf). By purchasing, you contribute to a cause in need of your support. For just $10 (or more), you’ll get 20 recordings from: Pigeon John, Nik Freitas, BOYO, BRONCHO, Oh, Rose, Best Move, Dustin Lovelis, Drew Citron & Jed Smith, Floating Action, DRUGS, minihorse, Honyock, nari, Mediocre Cafe, Spendtime Palace, Cayucas, Imaginary Tricks, Ablebody, Aaron Martin from Okey Dokey, and last but not least, Tino Drima.