New BOYO record out now!06.26.20

Where Have All My Friends Gone? The 4th LP from Los Angeles’ solo artist BOYO is out today and available directly from Park The Van on a ghostly black and white color-in-color or standard black vinyl. It’s as poignant as possible in this era of isolation and self-discovery. Perhaps it’s a little darker and desolate than your typical Summer release, but this record slaps, and it slaps in a way that you’ll feel–too real, and for some time. Stream, listen or grab the vinyl below!

I love it!… Hear a little Elliott Smith, Ty Segall, Elephant 6 The Beatles, Olivia Tremor Control etc in the vein of fuzzy, woozy and a little ragged. Looking forward to hearing the full record when it comes out!

Robin Hilton — NPR