Art Flakey EP07.03.20

Art Flakey is the latest EP by Imaginary Tricks, fronted by our dear friend, Mike Visser. We first met Mike back in the late ’90s when he was asked to play bass in Filibuster at the last minute on a European tour with the Skatalites. From there, we fell in love with his own band, Frank Jordan, and in 2004, he gave us a Dr. Dog CD and at that moment we decided to start this label. Mike is part of us.

His musical approach always changes, but it always remains quite fascinating. His voice flutters like a bird being chased by fire. His guitar work consistently evolves. His lyrics now seem more like a series mantras and less like traditional pop songs. One of our favorites on this new EP, “Free, free as a middle finger, flee, flipping off nothing at all.” It’s a beautiful visual, even thinking about it is like a breath of fresh air. Once you hear it, you’ll want to scream it.

That’s not to say the EP is simple or even perfectly understandable, but the journey is the purpose. By the time we finished listening to their new EP, the only issue we had is that Mike, Tim, Pat and (Producer) Sam Cohen hadn’t tracked 6 more of these tunes. Let’s hope they do!

Imaginary TricksArt Flakey is available on all streaming platforms now.