“Lonely Without You”07.29.20

Summer has a way of naturally sugarcoating everything from our playlists to our general outlook on life. Nothing wrong with that, right? The excitement of romance, the vibrancy of long nights and seasonal nostalgia have painted a picture that’s become a fixture of our lives, we long for it, for better or for worse. Because of this, we tend to ignore that other part of the summer, the part that’s a little bit colder. Heartache, FOMO, inevitable change. They’re all parts of the cycle.

So maybe when we think about 2020, and this unparalleled “summer of isolation” that we’re experiencing right now, we might find that the new Cayucas single “Lonely Without You” is actually the most suited to represent our current human condition. It’s an honest reflection of how it feels to truly miss something, someone, maybe everything? Though it hurts, it helps us grow. At least that what we tell ourselves as the chill creeps down our spines.

We’ll get through it, and thanks to Cayucas, we’re reminded that we’re not entirely alone. Stream “Lonely Without You” on all digital music stores today. The new Cayucas LP ‘Blue Summer’ is out everywhere, September 25