“The Right Fit”07.29.20

When Okey Dokey told us they were no longer a band, we felt devastated. It wasn’t the best news to hear after signing them to a record deal. We called them, texted them, emailed them, and we waited. After several days, we got a reply. “Sorry, bud! Bad service out here. We’re still a band, we’re now not JUST a band though. We’re a community. What’s a good address for you?”

A VHS tape arrived in the mail shortly thereafter, along with a coded manuscript, a CDR, and a couple of bottles of something that smelled like wine. We called an all-staff (virtual) meeting and locked ourselves in. From there, we began an intense process of information ingestion that would last the rest of the week.

We emerged whole. Like ivy covering an old brick tavern, our bond was fortified and beautified by something so natural, unstoppable, and green at once. We’d found “The Right Fit”, and now we just had to get it online and tell the world.

So here we are. “The Right Fit” is available Worldwide on your favorite music streaming platform. For more information please call 615-965-4122, and please watch the video.