Echoes Like Memories

March 11, 2022

BOYO is the artist moniker of LA-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Robert Tilden (he/they). A breakup, a scrapped album, a sold-out tour, kidney stones, and collaborative songwriting are all the genesis of BOYO’s funky, psychedelic new LP Echoes Like Memories. Today they share their latest single “Lose My Mind”. Accompanied by an animated video that is a glimpse at the future, where Virtual Reality & Web3 meets the Metaverse, directed by Corey Watson.

The album’s second single “Lose My Mind” is a reflection of Tilden’s own mental state throughout the Covid pandemic. “The song is a bit of a naive mantra, basing sanity on age and not circumstance,” Tilden explains. “I think it also reflects the intense social whiplash I was feeling post-tour, isolating with my co-writer Hudson writing and recording and scrapping a whole batch of songs created in the height of the pandemic. The album is kind of a funky, consistent personal anchor in a life of extremes (the roar of tour and intense quiet of recording and the isolation of the pandemic) whereas the songs I scrapped were more meditative and sad.” —BOYO

Stream the funky full length album Echoes Like Memories EP here:

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