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What Is Home Sick?

We're all experiencing this crazy period of our lives isolated (you're isolated, right?) from our friends, families, co-workers, and LIVE music. It's unprecedented. Well, you're not alone! We're all still here, experiencing this together. We're home? Sick! Let's use our tools to connect over the common thread that brought us together. Home Sick! allows these artists to visit your home, from their home. Hope you enjoy it!

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How Can I Help?

Lots of these artists are taking heavy financial hits by not being able to tour (ticket sales), and sell merchandise at their live shows (merch sales). Please consider donating directly to MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund, or directly to the artists (or their preferred charity organizations) by clicking the donate button () on their Home Sick! artist profile. Everything and anything helps. Thank you ♥

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Broncho 8:40PM

Tulsa, OK

Hot Flash Heat Wave 8:00PM

San Francisco, CA

Salami Rose Joe Louis 7:20PM

Oakland, CA

Pigeon John 6:40PM

Portland, OR


Los Angeles, CA

Oh, Rose 5:20PM

Olympia, WA

Minihorse 4:40PM

Ypsilanti, MI

Emily Edrosa 4:00PM

Los Angeles, CA

Imaginary Tricks 3:20PM

Brooklyn, NY

Honyock 2:40PM

Los Angeles, CA

Nia Wyn 2:00PM

London, UK

Best Move 1:20PM

Sacramento, CA

La Luz 8:40PM

Grass Valley, CA

Gabriella Cohen 8:00PM

Brisbane, QLD

Drew Citron 7:20PM

Brooklyn, NY

Spendtime Palace 6:40PM

Costa Mesa, CA

Neighbor Lady 6:00PM

Atlanta, GA

Okey Dokey 5:20PM

Nashville, TN

Tino Drima 4:40PM

San Francisco, CA

Nik Freitas 4:00PM

Alhambra, CA

Dustin Lovelis 3:20PM

Long Beach, CA

Mediocre Cafe 2:40PM

Sacramento, CA

Nari 2:00PM

Lexington, KY

Ailbhe Reddy 1:20PM

Dublin, IRE