Steven Bamidele


Steven Bamidele has been developing his craft for the majority of the 2010s. From beginning his career as Mirror Signal in 2013, through to dropping the moniker in 2017 to take on his real given name and mother’s Nigerian maiden name, Bamidele has consistently striven to make emotionally-driven, falsetto-laden music that resides happily on the fringes of soul and pop.

Now based in Brighton since 2018, Steven Bamidele spent 2019 playing as many shows a possible, breaking ground in Brighton and London. Since the Covid pandemic struck the planet in 2020, Steven has been producing music from his home studio for other artists, as well as developing his own personal craft, patiently awaiting the return of ‘normality’ to showcase his new works to his fans. New single ‘Whatever Happens Afterwards’ is out now on Park The Van.

What Happens Afterwards
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