Nightshifts is the recording project of Toronto-based songwriter Andrew Oliver. Championed by the likes of Nylon and Pigeons and Planes, Oliver has worked magic across vintage synths, groovy guitars, and drum machines during late-night recording sessions to create soulful and cosmic pop tunes.

Nightshifts delivers slow-building progressions of phased synthesizers and delay-coated guitars to create powerful atmospheres that feel close-at-home. The project is both exciting and complex with a fast-growing reputation for kaleidoscopic production and soulful songwriting.

His most recent project, Window Weather EP, has seen close to 2 million streams across streaming platforms since it’s release in late 2019. Window Weather EP is a progression in Oliver’s sound, taking on new forms of acoustic and chill tracks that have caught the attention of editors at Apple Music.

Gearing up for his new album, Nighshifts is set to release the first single from his forthcoming debut LP in 2021.